Where the food is even better than the view!

Our Reviews


Stephanie M.05/17/2015
First time at the Marina today for a function. The staff was top notch and the food was excellent! Can't wait to go back!

North M.01/08/2015
This place has the best food ,service and view . Just a great place all around

Brad C.12/25/2014
This place is a family owned gem! The food is authentic Italian at its best, the people are friendly and warm and the location is right on the water. The Sunday brunch buffet is amazing, with an actual live Sinatra singer. Can't say enough about the Marina!

Lauren H.12/21/2014
I would definitely try this place out. The food is amazing, excellent vibe, and the owner Victor was super friendly making sure everyone was having a gret time. This a must go to and I bet it's even better in the summer with it's location right on the water.

Danielle F.12/18/2014
My co-worker Brad turned me on to this place and it's amazing! The food is out of this world and owner Victor knows how to create Italian master peices when it comes to a culinary menu!

Justin B.12/18/2014
Place is amazing!!!! Food and service is 5 star!